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Horses are beautiful, graceful animals, but they’re big and you have to be focused and physically strong to handle a horse. Grooming a horse properly is all about the right technique. You have to ensure that you use only the best horse shampoo and brushes. Take a look here at some grooming techniques:

Horses need a daily grooming routine and the grooming should be done using good quality tools. The entire grooming routine is about removing the dirt and dust to distribute oils evenly on the skin for a silky, shiny coat. Use a high quality horse shampoo like Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner to create manageable hair and get the best shine.


Start with the currying process. This brings the dust and dirt to the surface of the coat. Then brush using a massaging motion. Any grooming brush for horse must have natural bristles. Stay away from plastic, synthetic brushes as they strip the skin of natural oils. How hard or light you brush will depend on each horse.

Flicking the coat

The next step is flicking. This involves a relaxed, gentle and continuous hand movement in short strokes to bring up more dust and dirt from the skin to the surface of the coat. This hand movement or flicking helps distribute oils on the skin over the hair to bring a shine. Use a proper, high-quality flicking brush that doesn’t bind the oils to the brush but distributes them evenly for a good shine.

Brush down the coat

After you’ve curried and flicked the horse, remove any remaining dirt and dust with a good brushing down. Check out Roma Soft Grip Flex body brush. The brush has flexi points that allow it to contour to the natural lines of a horse’s body. Make sure you use a soft horse hair brush with natural bristles of high density.

Bring on the shine

Finally you bring on that shine that’s going to make your horse look good. Brush off any residual dust and smooth the hair with a brush. Use the brush again a few times if you feel there’s dust on the coat. Then use a soft cloth mitten or diaper to wipe down the coat to bring on a gloss. Use a soft, gentle pressure to do this.

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