How to wear luck around your neck


clover necklace,jackpot slot machine necklace

Some jewelry items can bring good luck for you. Here are some unique and trendy necklaces that can make you feel good and lucky about all the things that you have in life! These necklaces represent good fortune and luck and look fantastic.

Clover necklaces

Go for a simple and affordable Sterling Silver necklace if you don’t want a pricey piece of jewelry. You can go for the Carrie’s four-leaf clover necklace if you want an affordable gift for a special girl in your life. Featuring Peridot and a diamond, this classic four-leaf clover necklace has four leaves that are heart shape. This is a fashionable pendant that’s perfect for those who want to be lucky in love. Go for the Allurez diamond clover pendant necklace made from 14k brushed yellow gold if you want a good anniversary or birthday gift for your partner. This is a stunning clover shaped pendant necklace with diamond accents.

Horseshoe necklaces

Go for a yellow gold horseshoe necklace if you can afford to buy a luxurious piece of jewelry. You can go for the Cubic Zirconia 14k yellow gold over silver ‘Lucky Horseshoe’ necklace if you want a more affordable one. This necklace can be the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Wear this 16 inch necklace every single day or just when you need good fortune.

Jackpot slot machine necklaces

A jackpot slot machine necklace is a fascinating piece of jewelry as it is supposed to bring in Lady Luck into your life.  This slot machine silver pendant necklace out-sparkles its Vegas strip. It is a lucky pendant that makes you look like a high roller. Its fine jewelry design has a slot  machine lever that moves and a crystal-embellished reel that rotates. The necklace is handcrafted and gleams with precious sterling-silver plating and a colorful array of Swarovski crystals.

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