How you can give your pet the best sleep of their lives


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Pets are like babies. They need their sleep as much as babies do to be happy and healthy. They need to be cuddled and pampered as much as we do our babies. A pet that gets in regular hours of sleep is a contented pet. Take a look at these ideas to give your pet a healthy and safe sleeping environment:

Pets like puppies need a comfortable, warm pet bed to sleep on. Most puppies coming out of a litter miss the warmth and closeness of their siblings and feel insecure in a new, open environment. They feel secure in a cozy carton, crate or kennel lined with a soft pet bed, dog pillow, mat, blanket or towel. You can even line their kennels or carton with straw which dogs love.

Pet beds like the Rugby pet bed by Uttermost is made in suede polyester and is soft and durable. It comes with a quilted cushion, gently arched arms with nail head trim and hardwood feet. Check out the Majestic Pet Bagel bed. It’s a luxurious pet bed that your pet can snuggle into so he won’t want to sneak into your bed. It’s a durable bed that’s designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s waterproof and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pets are creatures of habits. They feel secure and settled when you put them through a regular routine of eating, exercising and sleeping. A daily walk or run for around 40 minutes will tire your dog out and ensure he sleeps happily and soundly.

Dogs feel safe when they listen to regular, familiar noises and fall asleep quickly. Try playing some soft music or play some soothing sounds in the background like a clock ticking or water dripping sounds.

Give your puppy some toys to play with. I told you pets are like babies! They like being pampered and cosseted with a dog squeaky toy, chew toys and so forth. The colorful Cudleez Noodle Buddy dog from Rosewood is designed for comfort and is soft and cuddly. It makes a squeak sound effect and is great fun to play with. Check out the Petprojekt Squeeki Shell dog chew toy and the Squeeki Jolly Dotty bone.

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