How you can have your makeup stay in place all day long


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Sometimes you need your makeup to stay in its place all day. Be it for a really important meeting or for a great business party, long lasting makeup is a need of a lot of women. Take a look at the following ideas if you want your makeup to stay in place all day long.

Wash your face with a good face wash

Choose a good face wash according to your skin type. Wash your face with it before applying makeup. A good face wash removes pollutants and debris from the skin. It also unblocks your skin’s pores, preparing it for advantageous ingredients. The right face wash won’t strip the natural oils from your skin. Go for a water-based face wash if you have oily or normal skin. Use milk based one if your skin is dry.

Moisturize your face

Apply a good moisturizer on your face after washing it. Use an oil free moisturizer if your skin is oily. Buy a nourishing moisturizer or gel if you have dry skin. A moisturizer with SPF 45 will be ideal for sunny places. Use a gel with anti-ageing properties if you are older.

Start your makeup with primer

A good makeup primer can help you to make your makeup last really long. Your primer will make a base for the other makeup products. It won’t allow the makeup to get smudged or rubbed. Make sure you choose a makeup primer according to your skin color. Greensations offers a makeup primer named Youthful Trends. This one is ideal for all skin types. This is a caffeinated primer that hydrates your skin and keeps the sweat away. This is a natural product comprising of cucumber, mushroom, green tea, rosemary, sage etc. Pick the

Highlight your eyes with an eye shadow primer

A good eye shadow primer won’t just make your eyes look stunning but it will also help you to keep the eye makeup intact for long. Pick the Cease Crease eye shadow primer from Pur Minerals if you want to look a few years younger. This primer tightens the skin and gives you a younger look.

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