How you can make all of your faucets at home green


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I am green at heart and try my level best to reduce environmental damage. Saving water is on my priority list for being green and so I use energy efficient washing machines and dry my clothes outside in the sun instead of a dryer. Another idea that you can try is to replace all of the faucets in your home with eco-friendly faucets and one’s that are low-flow, then you can really help the environment.

Check out options like Glacier Bay faucets that are eco-friendly and help to reduce water flow and wastage. The low-blow faucets are great because they also use less water so your water bill will go down as well. For those who love to use the shower, something like the low flow shower heads can really help you in the long run. You would be amazed to see the reduction in your water bills.

  • Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are trying to conserve water too. Her tip is to take two minute showers. It may seem extreme, but if you actually think, that time is ample to wash yourself from head to toe. Of course, some days you can cheat, especially if you want to shampoo and condition, etc.
  • Another trick that I use from this celeb is to brush while showering, though it takes a couple of minutes extra. Even if you are using the basin, do make sure that the faucet is shut when you don’t need the water. This applies for all you guys while shaving too.
  • Also, use faucets that are made from recyclable and environment friendly materials to contribute towards a greener environment.
  • If you can, try and save rain water. This little contribution will take you a long way too.

And the next time you rush to attend the phone, do turn off the tap. Every drop counts!

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