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The ever non stop battle to combat bulge continues. However, there are many women who prefer neither  to go for plastic surgery nor for those “yo-yo” diets to reduce it. Instead they prefer to get such under garments that help them minimize and mask their imperfections. The use of body girdles, corsets are far from new. The use of these items date so far back, that it is almost unimaginable to think of a time when body shapers were not in use. A figure of perfect hour glass shape has always been a desire since hundreds of years ago.

Now-a-days, you get many types of shaping garments and you can choose from waist cinchers slimming shapewear and girdles.  Each of these items perform differently and have varying effects.

Girdles: A girdle covers the area from your high waist line up to the top of your thighs. They minimize bulges in the abdomen and are designed to smooth the hips. Typically, they are panty-shaped, shaped like thigh shorts or skirt shaped with attached garter belts. They mostly look like “normal” underwear and hence do not expose your secret

Waist Cincher: A waist cincher does what exactly it says. It cinches to make your waist appear lesser than what it is.   In fact waist cinchers and corsets are more or less the same things. However, there are certain distinct features among the two. A  waist cincher is  generally made of rubber or heavy latex material that draws in your natural waist line thereby giving you an instant hourglass figure. It also makes you sweat, the purpose of which is to lose the weight. They are available in three compressions- minimal, moderate and maximum. Each of it provides more support and cinching that one before it.  You must make sure to buy the one that is fit, snug and is comfortable.  On the other hand corsets are available in a variety of fabrics and usually have steel or bone construction to draw in the waist.

Slimming Shapewear: these are great alternatives to waist cincher  and corset since they are more comfortable.  A slimming shapewear smoothens  your bulges and make your post-baby belly a bit flatter. You can acquire one in colors like black, white or nude body shaper.You can get them in shorts, underwear, full slips, camisoles and even t-shirts!

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