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height chart, giraffe growth chart

As parents seeing our children grow is something that we immensely enjoy. Your baby grows so fast and a nice way to remember the years is by marking their height as they grow. Along with parents, even kids love to see the progression from when they were little to where they are now.

Growing up in my family, the height chart was always a part of our monthly activities. It was so much fun to line up with my brothers and sisters each month and see if we had grown at all in the past 30 days. Some families, like my own, mark this height chart on the walls like in the garage, or in their room with a pencil. However, if you plan on moving then you might want to think about getting a height chart that you can take with you to cherish those memories.

You can get one of the personalized height charts that you can take along with you, if you do end up moving. The Gingham personalized chart tracks the growth of your baby inch by inch. It has their name inscribed and the first letter of the baby’s name comes automatically above the box. You can get one for each of your kids and this serves as a great memento and keepsake for when they grow up.

The giraffe growth chart is also a cute way to keep a tab of your toddler or child’s growth. There are a lot of cute and fun growth charts for kids so you can mark what age and what height they are throughout the years, and if you have more than one kid, put the charts side by side to see the differences. And trust me when you see them off to college, you will love digging into these charts and remembering how fast those years flew by!

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