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Some stains can ruin clothes forever! So, it is important to wash clothes immediately after they get stained. Washing won’t let the stain to set on the clothes permanently. Here are some more tips on how to get rid of stains.

Soak the stained clothes in hot water

Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent to remove stains. Add the required amount of lemon juice to a bucket of hot water. Soak the stained clothes in the water to weaken the stain. But make sure you don’t use lemon juice on silks or other fabrics that are delicate as it can damage the fabric. If you don’t know how the fabric will react to lemon then do a patch test on them to see the results.

Use oxygen bleach to brighten up the stained and white clothes

It is best to use oxygen bleach for your stained clothes. Go for a bleach powder that doesn’t have too many chemicals. A bleaching powder having extremely strong chemicals can make your clothes lifeless. So, go for a milder option like Biokleen oxygen bleach. The color-safe formula of this bleach can make your stained clothes brighter. This bleach is comprised of grapefruit seed extract and other natural fabric conditioners. Its detergent boosters work on stains, corrosion and mildew. You can use this bleach for stained clothes and carpets.

Use a good spray for colored clothes

Use a good stain removing spray for the colored clothes. Fill a spray bottle with hot water and a lot of lemon juice to make a stain removing spray at home. Also, don’t forget to use a pre-treat stain stick from Spray N’ Wash. This stick helps you to treat stains on the spot. You can treat the stain with your spray and wash stain stick and wash the stain after four to six days.

Remember to treat the stains before laundering

Blot gently and never rub the stained area too much. Soak the stained clothes for at least 30 minutes before you wash them. This will weaken the stains.

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