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There’s no doubt that a luxurious shower in the bathroom changes your entire bathing experience. And these days you can pick from sleek and functional designs too. The latest technology in luxury showers includes those that have shower heads on the side walls of showers. There’s also the rain effect where the water comes from the ceiling above and falls like regular rain would. Here’s a small guide on choosing the right one-:

Single or double handles

The single handle showers are the most common and include designs from Kohler showers. They are a single and convenient setting system as the name suggests and provide required water temperature at the turn of a dial. But be careful when handling or the slightest move can cause a change in the temperature. Though double handles don’t have this problem, you still have to deal with constant adjustments.

Rain shower

Kohler rain shower head is very popular because it provides you an experience similar to nature. You can bathe in the rain shower and get the feel of being in actual rain thanks to the pressure adjustment. This works for all bathroom types, especially the smaller ones, where you cannot have a separate shower enclosure.

If you have a larger bathroom then you can experiment with shower enclosures that feature sleek designs to provide you with a modern bathing experience. You can get showers installed with a range of settings that provide water from the side too. This way, you get a tantalizing massage experience while bathing.

Other options

These days, you can also get a detachable shower type in square shapes that can be used as a head-on shower and even a hand shower. This is perfect for smaller bathrooms. Check out the Mastershower invigorating 3-way body spray from Kohler where you get a choice of 3 spray options to suit your mood:

  • Wide Stron Spray
  • Concentrated Pulse Spray
  • Wide Pulse Spray

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