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cole haan nike air, Cole Haan Men's Air Stratton Slip On

When it comes to dressing up right, perhaps women take on the lead as compared to the men folk. Though men have started catching up with the fashion trend, but this was not so obvious until 21st century.  Women prefer guys who look clean, cultured, polished and elegant. Guys like Cary Grant, George Clooney and Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick are widely liked and considered dashing and debonair men.

Well, to achieve this is not so difficult. All they need is right pair of clothes along with the right pair of footwear. Yes, footwear does matter, since they speak a lot about your style statement. High end fashion shoes like Cole Haan Nike Air are greatly becoming a big trend for men’s fashion. And why not, men can be stylish too when it comes to their clothes, and that if they put a little effort into what they wear as their  dress, shoes and accessories, it can go a long way. These items not only give a man an edge over others, but also a great confidence that projects a positive self-image.

Today we are talking about Cole Haan shoes as new 2013 men’s shoes that are comfy due to their high the high degree of craftsmanship. Nike’s acquisition of the company has redefined these shoes with shock-absorbing comfort that of a sport shoe. The sleek design of this high-end leather shoe along with Nike Air technology has taken it to a new level altogether. The air technology in these shoes uses “pressurized gas encapsulated in polyurethane.” The dense gas doesn’t leak out of the heel making it an effective cushion. This works wonders at the heel since most of the body weight falls on that area while standing up or walking.

Consider getting a Cole Haan Men’s Air Stratton Slip On shoe. This one comes  with side goring and stitching detail that complements the contrast midsole.Nike air technology in its leather stacked heel makes it a perfect shoe to wear.

Cole Haan has created miracle shoes by combining quality materials, high-end craftsmanship and technology. Their ultimate fashion sense tops it like the icing on the cake. Cole Haan has indeed been able to create footwear  that strike an absolute balance between casual comfort and dapper style.

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