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With summer just around the corner I bet most of you have already made vacation plans. Water sports happen to be one of the most popular activities around. Personal watercrafts are great fun and a lot of people seem to own one. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before buying a personal watercraft.

One of the first things you would need to decide before buying a personal watercraft would be whether you want a stand-up watercraft or a sit-down watercraft.  Stand-up watercraft are slightly more fun when compared to sit down ones. Sit-down watercraft are faster and more stable. They are good if you want a peaceful cruse along the shore. Stand-up watercraft’s are for great when you are looking for some excitement in the waters.

The next thing you would need to look at is the power and hull size. The most powerful watercraft’s are usually made from Yamaha. The Yamaha Wave Runner FX boasts of 140 horse power at 10000 RPM. It provides you with great acceleration and a pretty good top speed of about 55 miles an hour. The Jet Skis by Kawasaki have a good combination of power and durability. They come with 125 horsepower running at 7000 RPM. They have a top speed of about 52 miles an hour. The Kawasaki STX-12F is a great buy for those looking for one this summer.

Once you have your personal watercraft you would need to figure out how you plan to transport your personal watercraft from your home to the beach. A large pickup truck would be a good option or getting a trailer would also be quite handy. Once you buy your personal watercraft you would need to take care of it especially during the offseason. Keeping it covered using a Seadoo cover would be idea. These covers feature stress seams that are overlapped and double stitched for durability and strength. This cover also features a zippered gas cap which will allow fueling while the watercraft is on a trailer.

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