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We are right at the onset of spring and summer and you know what that means right? Picnics! I love taking advantage of the warmer months and the balmy breezes that come along with it. However one must remember that in order to have a good picnic is you need the right things to make it fun and relaxed.

  • Ever considered a salad bowl? Grain salads or pasta salads are almost the perfect picnic foods. You can make them ahead and it is so easy to tweak according to dietary needs as well. Bright and colorful plastic salad bowls are easy to distinguish. Snap on utensils along and bowls are rather useful too.
  • You really cannot have a picnic without a chic blanket. In my mind, it is the most essential part of a picnic. I am partial to bold and bright hues and patterns in the case of a picnic blanket.
  • Ready-made picnic glasses are a must. Travel wine glasses too. Maybe you can add some elegance travel wine glassesby packing some shatterproof and reusable ones.
  • No picnic is complete without some good music to keep the spirits high. To ensure this, a portable radio or a music player is ideal. Maybe you can take something lightweight and small?
  • Take ice packs to keep your food cool. You don’t want your food to go waste. It would be a pity!
  •  Do not forget to get a durable and roomy basket to carry picnic supplies.

All that a great picnic needs is the right gear and some preparation! Happy picnicking!

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