Create your own glamp site with a portable hot tub


portable hot tub

Glamping, camping but in a glamorous fashion. Glamping was a craze that began sweeping the world a few years ago when campground owners created campsites full of luxury amenities for those campers who love the freedom of being outdoors, but aren’t so much a fan of roughing it. However, glamping is as expensive as it sounds. Create your own glamping site when you go camping with a portable hot tub.

Portable hot tub: fact or fiction?

When most people think of a hot tub they think, they imagine something heavy and solid and full of hot water. You can still count on that same sturdy construction and that same rejuvenating hot water, but now you can have a hot tub that you can inflate and bring with you when you camp.

These portable hot tubs can self inflate in minutes, can be filled with a garden hose, heat to 104 degrees, and come with patches incase of tears, so even though its portable, you miss out on nothing. In fact, some of the inflatable hot tub models even have jets so you can get a massage while you look up at the stars.

Your glamping site

Glamping is all about luxury, so to create your own DIY glamping site when you go camping with your friends and family, make sure to bring with you’re a few comforts. Some comforting and glamorous items like extra fluffy towels and bathrobes, high quality wine and beer, gourmet quality foods to feast while you camp, and some warm and cozy pillows and blankets.

You don’t have to rough it to commune with nature and enjoy the fresh air of camping, so why should you? Please make sure that you glamp responsibly by leaving no trash, being safe with your fires, and not disturbing the wildlife.

Here’s hoping your next glamping trip be it out in the woods or just in your backyard, be luxurious and comforting.

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