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Rear projection TVs are quite popular thanks to their competitive pricing. Even though they are on the way out they are still used in many homes. Projection TVs were quite popular thanks to their high contrasts and bright picture quality.

One of the biggest advantages with projection TVs is that ambient light or sunlight doesn’t have an effect on its picture. Most LED and LCD TVs tend to struggle with contrast when sunlight hits its panel. This is why a projection TV is great for outdoor viewing. Their contrast ratios are quite high thanks to the cathode ray tube lighting. There are very few problems associated with projection TVs and one of the few problems would be the availability of spare parts. Mitsubishi TV parts are easily available thanks to their success in the projection TV department.

The only issue with projection TVs would be the fact that their display lamps have a limited life. They need to be changed from time to time. Changing the display lamp tends to be a complicated task. Mitsubishi projection TV has a simplified process of changing the display lamp. Changing the display lamp in a Mitsubishi projection TV can be done by anyone and you don’t need a lot of tools to do it as well. All you have to do is unscrew the four screws holding the projection box in place and slide the projection box out and carefully replace the lamp. Make sure you switch off any power supply before unscrewing the projection box.

The useful life of the projection lamps by Mitsubishi is quite high and they are very reliable. The Mitsubishi DLP bulb 915p043010 rear projection lamp comes with a 3 month warranty and a useful life of about 8000 hours. The decline in the brightness after the useful life is quite gradual as well. This way you don’t need to change the lamp immediately when it completes its useful life.

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