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Shoes go through a lot of physical abuse every day and if you happen to be a skateboarder it tends to be a lot more. Getting the right skate shoes can be tricky with numerous options available.  Here are a few top-notch skate shoes which you can choose from.

Fallen Rival – Jamie Thomas signature model

Fallen is one of the most popular brands for skate shoes. Whatever they make is always top notch and good quality. The Rival Series shoes are excellent for skateboarding thanks to the impressive features they possess. These shoes come with features such as protected lace eyelets, Velcro strap, heel airbag and gel pad. They also feature a thick padded tongue, heel collar making them very comfortable. They are one of the most durable shoes available at the moment. The only drawback with them would be the fact that they aren’t available at all stores and you would have to do quite a bit of looking before you can find a pair.

DC Skate shoes

DC Shoes have been manufacturing some of the best skate shoes for years now. They are well-known to make some of the best skate shoes for women. The DC Women’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe is one of the most unique and durable skate shoes for women. This shoe is perfect for skating in the park or at the mall. The shoe features a leather, suede and synthetic upper which offer you durability, comfort and performance. It also has a graphic print of the traditional DC logo. These DC women’s skate shoes feature a flexible midsole that absorbs shock very well and keep the stress levels on your joints at a minimum. Lastly the outsole is made from vulcanized sticky rubber which will give you the best possible grip.

Osiris shoes

If you are looking for puffy style skate shoes then the ones from Osiris would be your best bet. The Private reserve Osiris shoes are one of the best made and comfortable shoes around. These shoes are tough and have a good board feel. Their simplistic, no-nonsense design makes them very durable. The padded tongues feature stabilizing tongue straps which help in performance. The padding at the base is quite low making it slightly less comfortable but offering you better board feel, response and control.

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