Show your dogs you love them with organic pet food


organic pet food If you own a dog, then you’ll understand the adage “a dog is man’s best friend.” When your precious pooch goes from pet, to member of the family you want to make sure that they’re happy, healthy, and most of all loved. One way you can show your dog you love them is to feed them the best organic pet food that will help them live out their years with energy and health.

Why feed Fighto organic food?

Many people have quite happy and seemingly healthy dogs and they don’t feed them organic dog food, so why should you? The simplest answer is because it’s truly the best dog food out there. Organic or rather wellness pet food is made from supermarket quality ingredients, so even you could eat it. Organic means that all the meats, vegetables, and grains in the food has not been contaminated with chemicals and harmful byproducts.

Halo Organic Dog Food

Halo, is one of the best all natural dog foods on the market. Ellen DeGeneres, standup comic and TV personality, is now the spokesperson for the company as uses Halo to feed her own pets at home. Halo dry dog food features butcher quality chicken, farm raised fresh vegetables, and whole eggs. Halo dog food comes in flavors like chicken, salmon, lamb, and turkey and pheasant, and is also specially formulated for small dog breeds and puppies. In both its wet and dry dog food Halo never uses any rendered meat, rendered meat meals, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives because these products are not good for dogs to consume and can make them sick. Also, Halo’s pet food has never been recalled for any reason and is perfectly in conjunction with the AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) Dog Food Nutrient Panel. Start feeding your dog Halo organic dog food soon and you’ll see just how much happier, healthier, and more full of life your dog will be!

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