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Baseball and softball are quite similar in many respects. It is when you begin to compare them that you find quite a few differences between the two. Here are a few distinct differences between softball and baseball.

One of the most obvious differences between baseball and softball would have to be the pitching technique. Baseball involves overhand throwing while Softball involves underhand pitching. The pitching area in baseball is mounted and has a 9′ radius while the pitching area in softball is flat and has an 8′ radius. The pitching distance is also quite different in baseball and softball. The pitching distance in baseball is about 6′ 60″ while the pitching distance in softball is anywhere between 35′ 0 42′. The size of the fields for softball and baseball vary a lot as well. The distance from the home plate to the fence is about 150′ for softball fields while it is about 250′ for baseball fields.

The distance between all bases is 90′ in baseball but it is only 60′ in softball. The number of innings per game is also different as softball has 7 innings per game while baseball has 9 innings per game. The way ties are treated is also different. In baseball the game will continue until one team takes the lead after a completed inning in case of a tie. In softball, it is pretty similar except for the presence of a runner and every successive inning begins with a runner until one team takes the lead after an inning.

The size of the ball is also different. A softball ball measures 11.88″ – 12.13″ in circumference and weighs 6.25 – 7.00 ounces. A baseball measures 9.00″ – 9.25″ in circumference and weighs 5 – 5.25 ounces. Accessories such as gloves are interchangeable at youth level so you could use softball batting gloves and softball cleats for baseball. But once you get into advanced levels of play you would probably have to buy specific gear.

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