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A mother’s milk is the first and the most important food for a baby. As the baby grows up, they will need a varied diet by balancing different fruits and vegetables. However, at a young age, they are still not ready for solids, which is why mashed solid foods can give proper nutrition to the little one while he goes through this transition. Here are some tips that can help you to keep your baby healthy in this phase.

Feed food that is rich in calcium

Mash the bananas yourself and feed them to the little one. You can also cut a banana into tiny bite size pieces for the baby. Dice the banana carefully because large pieces can cause choking.

Choose food that is naturally sweet

You can choose cooked and diced sweet potato to keep the baby away from unnecessary sugar. Babies like sweeter veggies. So, feed them steamed or baked sweet potatoes. Avoid boiling the sweet potatoes to keep more nutrients.

Choose a good baby food brand

Almost every parent buys baby food. It is important to read all the ingredients of baby food before you buy it. Choose a good baby food brand so that you are able to offer the best of health to the little one. Gerber baby food is popular and trusted. Check out the Gerber Good Start Gentle concentrated infant formula online. It provides proteins for easy digestion, Prebiotics for digestive health, DHA and ARA for brain and eye development.

Use a good baby food processor

Pick a good food processor that helps you to make meals for the hungry baby quickly and easily. Check out the Freshfoods Cook-n-Blend baby food maker that makes up to 4 meals at a time. This one makes smooth and chunky meals. This baby food processor comes with convenient beep sound alerts. It comes with a healthy recipe booklet to help you get started.

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