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Laminate flooring beautifies your home and protects your marble floor from scratches, stains etc. A lot of companies extract a huge amount of money for installing laminate flooring. You can avoid this expenditure and install the flooring by yourself. Here are some ideas that will help you do this task efficiently.

Choose high quality laminate flooring

Your flooring has to last long. So, pick flooring that looks good, that suits your home’s decor and that is durable. Check out some unique Shaw floors because they are known for their quality. Go for Salvador Cypress laminate flooring if you want a simple one. Pick Majestic Visions Canterbury flooring if you want a more modern and majestic look for the floor. Check out 12mm laminate flooring for small spaces because you don’t want to waste the money. It can also help you to hide ugly floors or stains.

Stack the laminate flooring before you install it

Stack the flooring that is to be used on a flat surface or floor. Measure the area of your room and cut out nearly 10% extra flooring. Temperature and humidity can certainly affect the flooring planks. So, keep the flooring in the house for at least 48 hours before installation. This will help your flooring to adjust with the home’s humidity and temperature.

Clean the floor

Clean the sub-floor, remove the base molding and make the floor free from dirt and debris. This is an important thing to be done before you install the flooring.

Don’t forget to install the vapor barrier

Lay out the vapor barrier one row at a time. Start from the longest wall of the room and join two barrier sheets together. Follow the enclosed directions and complete the task.

Put in the first plank row and then install the flooring

Keep the planks parallel to the longest wall and install the first plank, moving toward the wall. Put half-inch spacers against the wall, push the first plank against them and create spaces. These spaces help the floor to breathe, expand and contract. You can cover this gap later using the base molding.

Install the Flooring carefully

Make sure the flooring pieces fit snugly together. Leave no gaps between the planks. Install the flooring rows and don’t forget to overlap its joints.

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