Tips for making your own jellies and jams


canning jars, kitchenaid fruit vegetable strainer

There’s something so wholesome and satisfying about making things yourself. Like jams and jellies with the goodness of fresh fruits. Try your hand at making your own jams and jellies with the help of these tips:

With an array of different flavors available in jams and jellies at your local grocery store, it is simple to pick your favorite jam. But store bought jams and jellies contain a lot of preservatives and are processed for the whole sale market that some of the fresh flavors are lost. There’s a world of difference when you take the trouble to make them at home. And it’s not difficult either. You just need a few key things to start you off on the project.

Canning jars

Canning jars are absolutely necessary to keep your jams and jellies freshly preserved. Weck canning jars have an open tapered shape that is easy to fill. The jars create their own vacuum when you pour freshly made jam into them. The soda lime glass jars come with rust-free glass lids, stainless steel clamps and rubber sealing gaskets. The canning jars are easy to sterilize and don’t need can openers to open them. These German classics are perfect for your homemade jams and jellies as they’re sturdy and durable. They’re shaped in such a way that it’s easy to stack and store.

Kitchenaid fruit vegetable strainer

The whole process of making jams and jellies is easier with the Kitchenaid fruit vegetable strainer and food grinder. The strainer attachment converts cooked apples, tomatoes, pears and other fruits into sauces or purees in minutes for preserving or for use right away. The unit is easy to assemble and maintain as the parts are made with heavy-duty plastic and chrome-plated metal.

Fruit pitter

Keep a fruit pitter ready to remove de-seed fruits for your jams. A Cherry-Olive pitter has a push-button lever action to scoop up small stone fruits. It’s made out of heavy-duty plastic, silicone, stainless steel, zinc alloy and nylon making it highly durable. A simple squeeze releases the grip and drops pitted fruit into a bowl. This is so convenient when you need large quantities of fruit for jams and jellies.

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