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Lego table, stackable plastic bins


Lego is a toy that most children have grown up with. It is simply amazing how much Lego has developed over the years. There are new sets to build like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Ringsand themes. Lego, in my mind is one of the best toys since it encourages imagination and creativity which are the two key ingredients for a happy child.

Undoubtedly Lego is the basic foundation of engineering and architecture which children absolutely adore. It is so satisfying to put a product together and call it your own.

The best part of growing up with Legos was that me and my siblings were able to grow with it, being able to still have fun with it as we became teenagers. The brand has done a great job of producing a wide variety of sets which each different age group enjoys.

One thing that is very pertinent for parents about Legos maintaining a certain level of organization. Here are some tips that I have gathered from friends with kids who adore Legos just as much as I used to as a kid: stackable plastic bins

  • Every home needs some stackable plastic bins. This allows you to organize the Legos by color or shape so your child won’t get frustrated not being able to find a specific piece, but for the parents sake as long as these little pieces are off the floor then everyone is happy. You can even divide the Legos into Ziploc bags so there’s more organization within the bins.
  • If your child’s bedroom or playroom is spacious, then you may want to consider a Lego table. It would make it very convenient since it would remain organized, as well as providing an open surface for them to play and create

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