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sony bravia 3d. theater glasses

Watching a 3D movie at a theater is great fun. The entire 3D experience brings characters to life. With the help of 3D HDTVs you don’t need to go to a theater to get that 3D experience. Here are a few things you should know about the 3D TV experience.

One of the first things that you should know is that there are two types of 3D TVs. They are active 3D TVs and passive 3D TVs. Active 3D TVs came out early 2010 while Passive 3D TVs debuted in 2011. The main difference between these two is in the glasses. Active 3D TVs use liquid crystal shutters on their glasses which require batteries to run. Passive 3D TVs use simple polarizing lenses on their glasses. They are very similar to what you’ll get in most theaters. Both the 3D TVs are priced quite similarly relative to the brands but regarding the glasses you will find a huge difference. Active 3D glasses cost around $50 to $ 150 while passive 3D glasses or 3D theater glasses cost under $20.

When it comes to comfort passive 3D glasses are a lot more comfortable as they are lighter and come with clip on versions. The other advantage with passive 3D glasses would be that they do not flicker when multitasking like using a laptop or phone. The big disadvantage with passive 3D TVs would be the presence of distracting artifacts when seated close to the TV. This is present a lot on a Passive 3D TV and less on an active one. Active 3D TVs are not as bright as Passive ones and this is clear to see when viewing in a room which has a lot of ambient light. The Sony Bravia active 3D TVs have changed the trend as they do not suffer any image loss in the presence of ambient light.

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