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Whatever your pleasure – running long distance or medium distance, sprinting, cross-country running or even long jump or high jump, the right spikes will enhance and improve your overall performance. And at competitive events, you need every edge you get to give your winning best. And each sport needs its own type of spikes. Take a look here:

Why runners prefer spikes is because they dig into the ground to prevent slipping or lagging backwards. Normal running shoes have a tendency to pull back or slip backwards when you push yourself forward at the start of a race. Spikes help you push yourself forward confidently to give you that winning edge. Try out different track spikes for the category you are competing in. Get well-fitting running spikes for your running category/event and buy or change spikes according to the discipline.

Spikes come in a variety of lengths and shapes to allow grip in different race conditions. So you need to think not only about the kind of running shoes with spikes but also about the type of teeth those shoes will need for a particular race or event. Running spikes size is longer when conditions are wet and slippery. Pyramid spikes or conical spikes are suitable for modern track racing.

Track spikes like the Nike Zoom Superfly Unisex are perfect for the power sprinter. The spikes have a secure fit and locked-down support. The Pebax plate with eight spike receptacles and adaptors offers maximum stability, power and speed without making the shoes heavier. These are the best shoes for a 100m or 200m dash.

For pole vault or long jump, spikes are thin with full length midsole for efficient cushioning and stability. Pole vault spikes are similar to long jump or triple jump spikes since they all have the same takeoff methods.  For high jump, the spikes have rearfoot spikes as well as in the forefoot. Reebok Bislett long jump pole vault spikes have a 7 spike plate and lightweight mesh uppers. They offer effective cushioning and flexibility.

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