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It is astonishing how quickly and in the blink of an eye babies grow from their tiny 7 pound baby frame to a 2 year old toddler. In no time at all you are back at the store buying new sets of clothes, new shoes, and even a new car seat.

While there is not a fixed transitional age for a child into a new toddler car seat, but there are guidelines for when your child reaches a certain height and weight. Generally speaking, a new car seat would be needed is usually between 1 and 3 years as per the growth and weight of a child. Toddlers who weigh at least 20 pounds should be ideally placed in forward facing car seats until they have reached 40 pounds or their ears are at the top of the car seat. Do not forget that the car seat needs to have tremendous padding such that it is very comfortable for the child.

In fact usually when a child is at least 40 pounds or when the are four years old, it is good to switch to a booster seat. When my older son became too tall for the car seat, I switched him to a booster seat. However do not go straight to using seat belts after a car seat. The booster seat step is a rather important one. However keep in mind the rules and booster seatregulations which are decided by individual states.

When I initially went shopping for a car seat for my son, and followed quickly by booster seat shopping as well, I was rather fascinated at seeing the various themes which was available. there were a lot of interesting colors to vibrant prints to choose from, and it was easy to find one that my son loved too!

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