Why cleats are so important in sports


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Having the right cleats when it comes to field sports is very important. They will not only help you perform better but more importantly, they will keep you from getting injured. This is why spending time choosing the right one is critical to your health.

Most field sports like football, soccer or lacrosse involve a lot of movement and change in direction. On a turf or on grass this movement and change in direction would be near impossible if you are wearing regular shoes or sneakers. On the grass, traction is very important when it comes to quick turns and movements. The only way you can get traction on grass surfaces is with cleats. This is especially important when you have wet surfaces. On wet or soft surfaces, cleats penetrate the ground offering you the best possible traction.

There are three different types of cleat types: high tops, low cuts and mid cuts. These cleats are based on the shoe design. High cut shoes usually offer ankle support and are great for lateral movements. Lateral movement often causes strains on your ankle, which these shoes negate. In football, the linemen are the ones benefit most from high tops due to their constant lateral movement. In addition to linemen in football, a lot of lacrosse players use high cut cleats. The HUARACHE III Nike lacrosse cleats are a good example of cleats with good ankle support.

Low cut shoes are preferred by quite a few sportsmen as they are lightweight. They allow free movement and are great for making quick sprints. They do not offer protection against ankle injuries. A few Nike cleats allow you to change them according to your situation. This way you don’t need to have separate shoes for them. This gives you added versatility so you can play different positions in football or even different sports using one pair of shoes.

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