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Flip-flops are great for all the summer activities. You can relax by the pool or go to a beach wearing a pair of trendy shorts and trendy flip-flops. A lot of flip-flops lack arch support which is very important for your feet. Here are some flip-flops with good traction and arch support.

Quilted flip-flops

You can pick a pair of quilted flip-flops to stay comfortable inside and around the home. They can keep your feet comfortable while you do all the chores. You can also wear them to grocery shopping. Take a look at some Nike quilted flip-flops featuring synthetic upper and midsole with quilted foam padding. This footwear also has rubber outsoles that offer traction. These flip-flops are durable, lightweight and very soft.

Rubber flip-flops

Rubber flip-flips are great for those hot days at the beach. You can check out some Nike flip flops made from rubber. They are breathable and comfortable. They have drainage for all those rainy days. So, pick a pair of rubber flip-flops for your beach visits, your fishing trips and your pool parties.

Flip-flops that give you the right posture

The Orthaheel sandals come with EVA orthotic midsoles. These pretty thong sandals keep your ankles and feet aligned. They help you walk with the right body posture as well. You can go for Jade colored Orthaheel flip flops. These sandals are important for people who spend a lot of time outside the house or people who walk a lot. They are great for women whose feet ache due to any reason.

Flip-flops of bright colors

You can check out orange or yellow Nike flip-flops. The Solarsoft thong flip-flops from Nike are ideal for women who like peppy colors. You can pair your yellow flip-flops with red shorts and a yellow top or you can wear orange flip-flops with a yellow top and black shorts.

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