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When I mention health food, the first thing that crosses your mind is probably boring green leaves, salads and tasteless cereals. However, the good news is that health food can be delicious and can be blended with other ingredients to create a yummy everyday diet for you! It is important is to have a balance with eating healthy, exercise, and also enjoying food.

This rule never changes from childhood when your parents stressed that you eat as many fruits and vegetables every day, but there are other healthy foods outside of the fruits and vegetables category that are both delicious and nutritious. Some of these include

  • quinoa cereal
  • almonds
  • kidney beans
  • goat cheese
  • natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup
  • For indulgence, dark chocolate 

The Kind Kosher healthy grains maple walnut clusters with chia and quinoa dairy case is a heart healthy blend of walnuts, chia and whole grains amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet and buckwheat with a sweet touch of maple. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and provide 17g of whole grains per serving.

Similarly Health Honey is raw, unheated and unprocessed too. It contains fine textured crystals that are characteristic of totally pure, raw honey. Properly crystallized honey has a fine, smooth, texture. The crystallized honey preserves natural goodness and won’t drip. The more rapidly honey crystallizes the better its texture will be. If you were not aware, raw honey has been noted for its ability to heal wounds and treat infections.

What you can do is have these ingredients individually or combine to create something delicious. For example, you can take the cereal and some liquid dark chocolate and honey to it for making healthy bars. Just freeze it and have as desired. Honey with milk and cereal is another excellent health food too!

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