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This post is a review of the Furminator deshedding tool.

So what exactly is the Furminator? The Furminator is designed for cats and dogs that have thick fur coats during the winter, but tend to shed during the summer. This happens with a lot of dogs such as Huskies and Pyrenees are originally from northern climates, where having lots of fur during the winter was a survival mechanism, and shedding that fur in the summer allowed them to cool down. While that’s fine if the dog is living in the wild, that’s far from ideal if the dog is in your living room!

The Furminator (or Fur-Eliminator, get it?) is a special brush designed by Furminator Shedding Solutions that you can use to comb your dog or cat of all their loose fur, so that it doesn’t end up on your floor or carpet (or couch, or clothing, or…). There are different types of Furminators that are designed for the length of your pet’s fur as well as the size of your pet (small, medium, and large).

I’ve personally used the Furminator on my pets, and it works great. The Furminator does a great job of brushing away all the loose fur, and it’s super easy to clean up. The only bad thing about the Furminator is that it does take a bit of effort to brush your pet, but it’s a lot easier than having to clean up after your pet afterwords.

The Furminator also comes with one replaceable blade, as the brush does wear down after a few months of use. The company also sells packs of replacement brushes in addition to the one that comes with the package.

The Furminator is honestly one of the best pet brushes out there on the market. If you’re dealing with some pet shedding problems, I would recommend that you check it out!

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