Natural and holistic ways to maintain confident clear skin


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Beauty is usually misunderstood by a lot of people because of the glamorous magazine covers and celebrity pictures. Magazine covers have extremely beautiful but Photo shopped pictures of celebrities. These unrealistic images mislead people and make them think that there is only a small percentage of women who look great. Every woman is pretty in some way or the other. If you want to maintain your skin’s quality then don’t go for heavy makeup. Instead, check out the following ideas and find out how to get healthy skin.

Consume natural sugar

Stop eating all those candies, cookies and chocolates. These things don’t have natural sugar. So, try and cut back on the bad and processed sugar in soft drinks and candy. Have honey and a lot of fresh fruits to keep your skin healthy.

Drink plenty of water

You should be drinking water all day long. If you think you’re hungry, but don’t know what you’re craving reach for a drink of water first because most times you’re actually thirsty, not hungry. Your body takes water from the fruits and vegetables you eat but it is still very important to drink plenty water.

Have nuts, soy milk, fish, and avocados

Nuts, soy milk, fish and avocados are great foods for healthy skin. Fish and almonds can detoxify your body by cleaning out the bad oils. Almonds are packed with calcium and magnesium that protect your skin from harmful effects of the environment. Soy milk is great for your overall health. The Omega-3 of Fish can keep your skin as well as hair shiny. All these foods along with avocados are great for your nails, teeth strong and skin. Check out some good cook books that have recipes of all these foods.

Work out and don’t take stress

Stress can make your skin age earlier. So, don’t take stress and if you have a stressful life then don’t forget to meditate every day. Distress and use exercise to stay healthier. Regular work out helps your vital organs to function smoothly. It improves your blood circulation and keeps your skin young.

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