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Unless you want to be wading through unnecessary items of clothing when you’re in a hurry in the morning, you have to get organized with your clothes. Men’s wardrobes are streamlined and primarily consist of jackets, suits, shirts, shoes and other every day casual wear. So it’s not difficult to organize them efficiently and make your day to day dressing process easier. Take a look here at how you can get more than a semblance of order in your closet:

Start with discarding clothes that you no longer need. The next thing is to categorize clothes according to season. This way, you only have the clothes that you’re going to wear during the season in the closet and you can put into storage the other clothes. Now the job is already half done.

Give thought to the design of the closet so that you have control over your closet. Tie racks, shoe racks and suit hangers are absolutely essential to have a easy-to-navigate closet.

A stackable two-tier shoe rack allows you to create a wall of shoes, sweaters, linens and other garments efficiently. These custom-made wooden shelves can be stacked to create as much space as your closet will permit.

Make sure the space inside the closet is double-rodded to hang suits and shirts. Check out Richards Homewares suit hangers to keep your closet in tip top condition. Their non-slip design soft grip hangers are ideal for hang multiple suits.

This suit hanger comes with an accessory bar that’s the perfect alternative to a tie rack. You can also go for separate tie racks like the Richards Homewares rotating tie rack with battery operated design lights. It rotates and makes it easy for you to find the right tie.

A very pleasing and methodical way of organizing clothes is to arrange them in such a way that all your clothes are easy to access. This will ensure you’re able to effortlessly construct your outfit for the day. Arrange clothes and accessories so you’re able to match colors and styles with ease.

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