Pros and cons of piercing your baby’s ears and the alternatives


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A lot of baby girls have pierced ears. These little ones look very cute with different earrings once their ears get pierced. Some parents aren’t sure if they want to pierce their children’s ears at such a young age. If you’re a parent who’s conflicted about piercing the ears of your little one then check out the following pros and cons of getting a baby’s ears pierced. Also, take a look at the alternatives if you don’t want to get those little ears pierced.


You can give a new look to your baby girl every single day if you get her ears pierced. There is a vast variety of cute baby earrings out there. You can pick flower shaped, square-shaped, round or oval baby earrings for those pierced ears. You can choose from pure gold, platinum or silver earrings that look luxurious and don’t cause allergies.

Check out the 14K Yellow Gold earrings available at MyDiaLand, featuring white Cubic Zirconia stones, butterfly shaped are sweet and lovely. You can also check out some similar screw back earrings that have heart-shaped Cubic Zirconia stones. These pretty earrings for infants are great for regular wear whereas Loveivy’s 14 K Gold Cross earrings will be ideal for days like Christmas and Easter.


Ear piercing can help you make your baby look pretty but this is a painful process for a baby girl. Secondly, sometimes girls don’t like their pierced ears when they grow up. This is one of those several reasons why some people don’t choose ear piercing for their babies. A kid’s skin is sensitive and it can catch infection due to piercing.

If you don’t want to pierce your baby’s ears when they’re that young, or ever, you can choose some pretty clip on earrings or stick on earrings for your little girl. For younger children, affordable and colorful stick on earrings are best because you won’t have to worry about losing earrings that are made from precious metal like gold.

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  1. Angie Says:

    There may good and bad points about having your baby girls ears pierced. However, if you love the look of babies and little gitls with earring are on the lookout for them and thinking how your daughter would look with little pierced ears, then read on. It can be a spur of the moment decision, or tradition. It is customary in my family to have ears pierced as an infant. I am twenty-four now, and I’m very glad that I had them done when I was so little for several reasons.

    First, I don’t ever remember not having earrings, so I was absolutely not traumatized by the experience.

    Second, by the time I was old enough to realize what they even were and why they were in my ears in the first place, they were healed enough to where I had the choice to just take them out. Then when I wanted them back in about six months later, I just put them back in, no problem.

    Third, your baby senses your emotions, so if you are nervous or anxious, then will she be so. Regardless, she is going to cry because her head and body are being steadied so her earrings will be perfectly centered on her
    lobes. I’d be crying too! But trust me when I say, she’ll barely feel the piercing, unsure, then feel her ear lobes. They are are so thin, she won’t feel the small piercing earring through the softer skin and cartilage of her lobe.

    Fourth, a good thing to do days before is to fell her ears so she is used to someone handling them and marking the piercing spot. When all is ready, sit her on your lap, and have the piercer do each ear separately to center them properly. Doing both sides at the same time can lead to uneven holes is she moves at the last second or two piercers are off the count of 1-2-3. If you’re still nervous, then have someone the baby knows almost as well as you, like an aunt or grandmother, sit with the baby while you go cry in the bathroom (my mother did this with me).

    Lastly, if you are even considering getting your baby’s ears pierced, then just do it. If she doesn’t want them when she’s older, she can just take them out. Simple as that. She’ll thank you later when her little friends in pre-school are envious of her earrings and wish their moms had pierced their ears as an infant like you did.

    Our ped had her dd’s ears pierced at six months and gave me some suggestions for finding the right person, place and type of baby’s first earrings. If you’re weighing the pro’s over the cons, then your mommy intuition may be telling earlier is best. Write me an e-mail for our ped’s tips.


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