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Whether you are hitting one of the rough trails of the US for an entire weekend, or strolling for a light day trip hike there are a variety of hiking boots which are on offering. I never realized the importance of buying the right hiking footwear until I went for a hike and was in a lot of pain. After that I never made the same mistake again and ensured that the comfort and support is a must. I followed the below mentioned tips and bought the ideal pair for trips henceforth. 

  • There should be sync with your hiking ambitions and hiking shoes. For example if light day hikes are your cup of tea then light hiking shoes is the ideal optionlight hiking shoes
  • Ensuring that the hiking boots has the right size is a very important consideration. In fact taking half a size bigger than your actually foot would be a good idea. Last time my boots were so tight that I got pain and blisters and wasn’t able to hike as far
  • Durability and stiff mid-soles are usually very helpful. Did you realize that it would help you giving a very strong grip
  • Do you want your hiking boots to have a waterproof lining? There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy hiking with wet feet
  • Remember to try the boots and walk around the store to ensure total comfort and support. Do they feel good?
  • If you like walking, then get a pair of sturdy walking boots. I invested in a pair of Red Wing Boots for my construction jobs which can be used for other purposes too.

Don’t forget that a little breaking in of new shoes before you go on your adventure ride would be good for you and your feet.

So what are you waiting for? Happy Hiking!

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