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I have very thin wrists and often experience pain and problems with them, especially while lifting weights, working too much on the computer, or even when trying exercises that require load on them. The wrist is a very delicate part of the body and so many wrist injuries are caused over a prolonged period of time of excess pressure on the wrist, such as carpal tunnel and tendinitis.

Other wrist injuries are from falling, since our natural human inclination is to stick our hands out to break the fall, which causes wrist fractures and worse. However, rather than just ignoring the pain and trauma, it makes sense to invest in  wrist braces. The idea of wearing these is to provide protection to the wrists from further injuries and also offer protection.

You can choose a stabilizing wrist brace from Bell Horn that fits small sizes with 5.5-6.5” wrist circumference. The band includes circumferential strap for improved wrist stabilization and is lightweight and low profile for full finger and hand usage. It has a contoured cotton/elastic construction and an anatomically correct aluminum stay fit with comfortable compression.

For those who are into serious sports like bowling, which requires more stress on wrist movement, the bowling wrist brace is highly recommended. Check out the Mueller Hg80 sports pro bowling wrist brace support with mesh bag. The brace comes in regular 6-8″ and large 8-9″ sizes. It features the Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric anti-microbial, supportive steel springs along with fully adjustable comfortable fit.

As a rule of thumb, you should consider visiting an orthopedic doctor in case there is no improvement in the pain or if it gets unbearable. These braces are a great way to control the augment of wrist problems too, but you should definitely check with an expert if needed.

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