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With the amount of media and advertising around it isn’t a surprise that most of us prefer to use our own sources of entertainment on the go. The constant bombardment of pop music via advertisers just showcases the extent of saturation it has reached. Thanks to technology you can experience the kind of media that you want to rather than what is forced up on you.

Portable media play back devices have become extremely popular these days. With the improvement in technology they have become very efficient. Portable media players like the Jawbone Jambox make it very convenient for you to listen to your favorite music on the go. The Jawbone Jambox is a wireless portable sound system that plays music off your Bluetooth enabled phone. It might look small and compact but it sure does pack a punch. These speakers are loud enough to fill a whole room with sound. They are also very well made making them very durable. The only issue with it is the price as it is quite expensive but if you are looking for the best ultra-portable speakers around then it will cost you.

If you love watching videos or movies while you travel then you should consider getting yourself a portable DVD player. Portable DVD players are quite handy to have on a long trip. They may be on their way out thanks to tablets but they still have a good advantage when it comes to battery life. Portable DVD players allow you to watch all your favorite DVD collection on the go. They are quite compact and are easy to carry along on flights and road trips.

The last and most common way of listening to music on the go would be to get a portable mp3 player like an iPod. This is the ultimate accessory in terms of portable media. IPods are compact and offer great sound quality and portability. They have about 4 different types of iPods based on what you expect from a portable media player.

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