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Everyday life in an urban area is all about using electronics, gadgets, etc. that unfortunately add to environmental waste. Life today is all about running or keeping at pace with technology, which makes it all too easy to forget the environment somewhere in this hustle and bustle. So how about opting for some products that can be recharged or recycled! So opt for proper recycling, especially for those hard to recycle items like ink cartridges, fluorescent lights, broken electronics, clothing that is not good for donation, and batteries.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take the time to properly recycle for the purposes of the environment. Typically stores like Home Depot and Office Depot make it easy to recycle some of those, and that there are stations for fabric recycling all around, but it is simply the extra step of taking the time to do it. For instance, rechargeable batteries are a much greener alternative than the throwaway ones.

All that you have to do is put them on charge again and reuse it. Sure it means a couple of extra minutes put into charging and all, but in the long run, you are decreasing environmental waste! Just imagine if each one of us would throw away one battery every day, it would mean billions of batteries, accounting to tons of wastage and pollution. Along with batteries think-

  • Rechargeable solar torches
  • Lights
  • Solar gadgets and accessories like watches

You can also opt for products that have been recycled and encourage its use. For instance, recycled umbrella that come with auto open features can be green too! This ecoverse compact umbrella offers a responsible way to protect you from rain and sun. The umbrella has a 100% recycled fabric canopy along with a renewable bamboo handle and recyclable components. Also consider up-cycling with regard to DIY projects, or investing in a great recycled everyday product like an eco-friendly recycled gadget.

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