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Most of the people have dogs or cats in their houses. On the other hand, some Americans have exotic pets. Here are some domestic pets that will be perfect for apartments as well as mansions. You can bring home one of these pets instead of going for standard pets like dogs or cats.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are one of the most popular pets today. Also called as hamsters, these pets are simply adored by kids. Guinea pigs are known for their outgoing and affectionate personality. You must get a cute hamster for your home if you want a pet that can easily be taken care of. You can feed simple pellet foods to hamsters. You can train them to use a litter box as well. They don’t take much space as they are small.


Chinchillas look like squirrel-mouse hybrids. They have cute and furry ears. They don’t socialize much. These animals like a quiet environment. They don’t like sudden movements or loud noises. So, if you bring home a Chinchilla, make sure you don’t make sudden changes in its environment. Chinchillas like to chew on things and they are better pets than rats.


A lot of people in United States have birds like Parrots. You can bring home a Cockatiel or a Cockatoo.  These birds are curious by nature. They like to explore a lot of things to stay away from boredom. You must bring home at least two Cockatoos because these birds can’t live alone. Use a suitable bird cage to keep your birds happy and safe. WeGotLites is a popular brand that offers different types of bird cages. You can go for a Bronze and Wrought Iron bird cage.

A lot of people in America keep snakes, turtles, ferrets etc. in their homes. You can check out the traits of these animals and find out if one of them is suitable for your family!

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