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Technology as we know it, advances at a fast pace. DVDs were the best at one point of time, but now Blu-Ray technology has really come into its own. Quite a few people are making the transition to BluRay thanks to its numerous benefits. Here are a few reasons to upgrade to BluRay.

Picture and sound quality

One of the most important and well known qualities of BluRay technology would be the stunning picture quality. If you have a TV capable of displaying full HD 1080p content then BluRay player would make a lot of sense. A full HDTV will show you the picture quality that BluRay technology possesses. The clarity and detail of audio and video content on BluRay is second to none. You will easily notice the difference between DVD and BluRay content on a full HDTV.

Costs are falling

This would be a very important aspect of BluRay technology. When it first came out BluRay technology was very expensive. Back then there were only a handful of BluRay players and they were quite expensive. There are quite a few BluRay players available these days and are quite affordable now. The BluRay players from Samsung are currently the most popular ones for home theaters. Quite a few people tend to buy a Playstation 3 because it can be used as a BluRay player as well as a gaming console.

Storage capacity of a BluRay

BluRay discs presently hold about 5 times of what DVD discs hold in terms of capacity. This is very handy as very soon most software will be available on BluRay discs. The scope in terms of improving the capacity is also quite high. People claim it can further increase this capacity up to 25 times of what a DVD can hold.

DVD Up scaling

Lastly most BluRay players usually play DVD. In addition to playing them they also tend to upscale movies and videos making them a lot more clear and sharper.

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