What it takes to own a dog


dog collars, dog leash

Dogs are like kids. They have to be fed, walked, groomed, washed and socialized. Some people even train their dogs to greet people! Check out the following important items that you need to take good care of a dog. Use these things to keep your adorable dog safe and healthy.

A dog collar

Make sure you pick a dog collar that’s neither lose nor tight for your canine. Go for an adjustable collar. That’s made from durable, lightweight and breathable fabric. Check out some orange or yellow dog collars to spot your dog easily outside. SunGlo offers very cute high visibility dog collars. These polyurethane coated collars are soil resistant, waterproof and odor resistant. You can easily wipe them clean! You can pick a dog harness if your dog is large and high-spirited. Check out some good quality and affordable dog collars and harnesses offered by Lupine.

A dog leash

Go for a simple dog leash made from fabric or a leash made from leather. The latter can be more durable for sure. You can pick a dog leash that can be customized. Take a quick look at Perri’s custom leash. Made from high quality leather, this is a traditional leash. You can get it customized by getting your dog’s name written on it.

Chew toys

Bring home some dog chew toys if you don’t want your dog to chew on your shoes or furniture. Dogs tend to chew on things during their first years. It is a healthy habit for dogs because it maintains their teeth. So, pick some suitable chew toys for your canine.

Dog nail clippers

Nail clippers help you to trim your pet’s nails at home. They also help you to stay away from the scratches you can get while playing with your dog. So, pick nail clippers to keep the pet’s paws healthy.

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