What you’ll need to start a video blog


olympus camera, tripod

Blogging is a great way to spread information across the world. A video blog tends to be a more attractive way in spreading as videos are a more attractive form of media. Video blogging does require a lot of work. Here’s a list of things you’d require to start your very own video blog.

Video blogs have actually been around before the emergence of YouTube. The only reason they weren’t very popular before was because video equipment was quite expensive making it difficult to maintain video blogs. Here is a list of the basic things you’d need to start your video blog.


It’s a no brainer as you would definitely need a video camera if you are to start a video blog. You don’t need to get yourself an all expensive camcorder initially. A good old Olympus camera or even a pocket video camera like the ones from Flip would be perfect to begin with. These days almost every video camera can capture HD content. You should basically make sure that your camera can take


With videos it is essential that they are produced well. This means you will require accessories such as a tripod. Tripods are essential as they ensure the videos you take are stable. This does improve the quality of the videos that you put up. Unsteady hands are a real problem in video production. Spider tripod systems are great for video recording as they can connect to quite a few surfaces thanks to their unique design.

Video editing software

This is perhaps the most important part of your video production. You will require video editing software and skills if you want your videos to be top-notch. You could get yourself the Adobe Premiere Pro or the Adobe After Effect CS3 as they are the best. The only issue with them is that they are very expensive. If you are on a budget then you could use some free web services such as Eyespot, Jumpcut or Video Egg.

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