Best of the Web: Be @ Home # 82


best-of-the-web-be-at-home-headerHello there all of you ‘Best of the web’ readers! A new week begins and we are back again to share some tantalizing secrets about home décor, cooking tips and recipes that we all need now and then. We are introducing to you three passionate bloggers, with their unique and sensible home and kitchen tips: Fannie, Sandy, Jennifer and Dee. Fannie shares her everyday lighthearted adventures and home ideas with you while Sandy is an expert on DIY home projects and even has some great gourmet ideas for pets. Jennifer here is a kitchen pro to bring you some gluten-free delights! Dee has some great budget friendly solutions. So go ahead and try out their feasible ideas and home solutions.




“It’s a little space where I can document all of my daily life experiences, happiness, love, and everything in between! I’m a ballerina who teaches ballet to 3, 4, and 5 year olds. My blog is light-hearted, fun, silly, and truthful.” -Fannie

Cherished Handmade Treasures


Cherished Handmade Treasures is a craft blog, with a smattering of other interests included;  DIY home projects, favorite family recipes, even gourmet dog treats. “I started my blog because I wanted to provide inspiration for others who were also looking to be creative.  I draw inspiration from everyday items and hope my blog and creativity helps to spark the artistic passion in others.  My readership has continued to grow since beginning my blog in 2010 and I genuinely appreciate all of my awesome followers.”- Sandy

Adventuresome Kitchen

adventuresome kitchen

“The Adventuresome Kitchen is a food blog dedicated to bringing joy into your kitchen with delicious, gluten-free recipes designed to get your whole family cooking. There’s a big myth out there that says “gluten-free food tastes terrible”, and that’s just not the case! The Adventuresome Kitchen is sure to delight your tastebuds, tickle your sense of humor, and kindle your sense of adventure! Life is too short to eat bad food!” Jennifer

Dee Constructed













“I share my budget-friendly solutions for your home decor projects. From innovative up-cycling ideas to in-depth project tutorials there is something for everyone. Break it down, build it up and blog it out.”-Dee

Small changes here and there are a part of home improvement. With a few changes here and there life can be made so much better. Ask one of these three experts for their quick solutions to make your home a haven!

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