Some Practical And Fun Things To Do With Calculators


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There are a lot of things that one does with calculators and doing accounts is one of them. Now that you are mentioning it, seems really boring. But the use of the calculators over the years has changed. The calculator was a device that helped to add, subtract, divide and multiply figures. Today the calculator has come a far way. The accounting challenges are still being solved using calculators in computers and other similar devices. Here are some other fun ways to use the calculator-

Relationship Calculators

These are a fun way to understand where you stand, be it a marriage or a regular relationship. These help you understand how close or compatible you are, if your marriage is going for a toss and other similar queries, based on questionnaires and then analysis. Based on answers, you can work out the solutions. Communication is crucial for healthy and happy relationships. Even if it’s only ten minutes, find the time to talk to your partner and open up your feelings. You will not be able to communicate in the bedroom if you are unable to communicate in the lounge or the kitchen.

BMI Or Obesity Calculators

Obesity calculators are  a great way to know how much excess weight you need to shed off, what is your current fat index and even how much fat loss you attained by running that extra mile. This fun calculator helps you stay in shape by getting the right analysis of these factors. In the long run, you have a more focused goal and know where you are headed.

Regular Calculators

Yes the age of the regular calculators may have gone, but it is still fun to take them out once in a while and use them instead of the ones on your PC or laptop. In fact these have been updated and digitized as per the latest technology. And though times have changed, accountants still swear by the speed and efficacy of these!

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