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Since awareness of the impact of human activities on the natural world is growing, there are several green brand and companies who are finding ways to lessen our ecological footprint. Among them, there are a few who have opted to wear shoes to limit the environment footprint.

Buying products from green brands is a good way to benefit the environment. It’s a great way to demonstrate your commitment to mother Earth and all of its inhabitants. The benefit of supporting these green brands is a way to say that you care about the fate of the natural world and the environment. So why not make a difference by opting for veganism and abstaining from harming animals? This definitely is the choice of becoming both ethical and humane.

The bottom-line is that you choose an ethical lifestyle by refusing to use products that are acquired by exploiting the animal kingdom. Whether they are shoes or hiking boots, vegan products are eco friendly made from non-toxic materials while still being comfortable and durable.

One of the green footwear manufacturing companies that offer vegan boots and shoes is Planet Shoes. They carry popular brands like Patagonia and Dansko. Patagonia offers outdoor equipment and apparel since the 1950′s. The design and functionality of this brand is worth the mention since they easily meet the requirement of their end users. There are Patagonia hiking boots crafted to withstand tough winter walking and hiking. In fact these  shoes were voted as number one by Consumer reports.

There are several other supporting positive green brands. For example, John Fluevog offers stylish and fashionable footwear and is worn by many celebrities. Besides, the D.O.G. Shawn are like  high top sneakers. Also, offered by Earth Angel collection are  the Armin shoes that are moccasin style vegan shoes. Earth Lazer and Radios are also worth mentioning here since they offer their bit to contributing to a green environment.



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