5 Tips for a More Organized 2014


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January fills most homemakers with the urge to clean, de-clutter, and organize everything in the house. Problem is, not everyone in the household is up for some clutter cutter time. Getting organized is one thing. Getting everybody to join in is another. And finding the time to get everything done is a whole other story.

But before your crazy self get all tangled up with the questions “So what do I do first?” or “How do I get everyone to chip in?” or “Which organizational supplies should I buy?”, take a deep breath. Pour a glass of wine, grab a pen and paper, or your trusty whiteboard and marker, and read on:

1. Don’t buy anything before you know what you’re organizing. Hold your horses and keep those plastics frozen and tucked safely where you can’t reach it. If you start shopping before making a thorough survey of your place, you might end up with more clutter to add to your already cluttered place.

2. Take it one drawer at a time. Here is where your pens and markers get down to business. Take time to write every nook and cranny that needs to be cleaned and organized. Start with your bedroom, then the kid’s bedroom, the upstairs hallway, the bathroom, the kitchen – the list goes on.

3. For every week from January to March (or until when your list ends), schedule a focus area that you (and your family members) are designated to clean. This week can be dedicated to organizing the master’s bedroom, next week you can focus on the kid’s bedrooms or the bathrooms, etc.

4. Designate 15 minutes of your day to each item on your list. For example:

  • January 16, Thursday, Bedroom – take out all old clothes in closet
  • January 17, Friday, Bedroom – find matches of lost socks
  • January 18, Saturday, Bedroom – set up a closet organizer

5. Use an app to keep you on track. Or use your phone’s calendar tool to list down everything you need to do. Set a specific time for your daily tasks and create an alert for each. Being constantly reminded of these makes it easier for you and your entire family to get organized.

The key to being Miss Organized 2014? Start with a plan, stay focused, and see it through. It wouldn’t bother getting the entire family in the picture too, though. Have fun!

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