6 Tips to Boost Your Confidence


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On any given day, your confidence level can drop in an instant with just about any little thing – having no milk for cereal in the morning, heavy traffic on your commute to work, inkless pens, and more. It’s fairly easy falling into a self-confidence rut. And as everyone suffers from varying degrees of lack of confidence, there’s also the feeling of anxiety, fear, and discouragement that goes along with it.

Fight back and reclaim your days. Avoid missing out on new things and life’s wonderful experiences with these confidence-boosting tips:

1. Put on a happy face.
Put a smile on your face and see the whole world brighten up in an instant. A warm and sincere smile draws people in and when you see others smile in response or nod their heads in greeting, your mood takes a turn for the brighter and your day turns just a bit better.

2. Take time to relax.
Breathe deeply. Try yoga. Meditate. Enjoy a bubble bath. Listen to music. Feel calmer and more in control with your life. Slowing down helps you use more of the capacity of your brain and provides an excellent way to break out of a negative emotional state.

3. Do a good deed.
Little good deeds help give you a huge boost of confidence. Hold the door for someone. Offer your seat on the bus. Help an old lady cross the street. Schedule a play date with your younger siblings. Doing good deeds helps make you feel better about yourself and the world around you.

4. Know what you want and write it down.
While some find to do lists overwhelming, the thought of finishing a task and crossing it off the list can dramatically boost your self-worth. To make your list seem less daunting, take note only of tasks you need to accomplish within a 3-hour period. This way, you get to focus more on what needs to be done ASAP so you can spend and manage your time more wisely.

5. Note when you lack confidence and when it’s high.
Who are you with? What’s the situation you are in? By knowing when your confidence is lacking, you will recognize a pattern. This, in turn, helps you to focus on which aspects of your life need fine-tuning (Are you spending too much time with friends who bring you down? Are you stuck in a job you’re not passionate about?), making it easier to do a confidence-boosting shift.

6. Celebrate life.
Whenever you achieve something, both big and small, write it down on a piece of paper or put in a notes app on your smartphone. When you’re feeling down, just take a peek at that list for a quick pick-me-up. Every time you’ve done something that you’re proud of, make sure to add it to the list.

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