Feng Shui Tips to Attract Luck in the Year of the Wooden Horse


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If the previous year did not turn out well just like the others, remember what the Chinese say, “A good horse never turns its head to eat the grass behind.” While these words may bring about hope and optimism, so does the promises of the year of the wooden horse. With the right attitude and action, Feng Shui experts assure that 2014 will brim with luck on different aspects.

Prepare for the Chinese New Year

Welcome the 31st of January not only with a clear and peaceful mind but also with a clean house. It is advisable to finish all the laundry before that day and take away all the stuff that brought you bad luck the past year. Have a general cleaning at home especially in the kitchen to attract good health and abundance. If possible, make your home bright. If there’s still enough time and budget, choose bright colors for the walls. Yellow is advisable for a more vibrant dining area. On top of your table, put a prosperity basket or bowl. It should contain uncooked rice and sugar or candy. A glass of water is also recommended beside the basket.

Befriend the Wooden Horse

Since 2014 is a year of good fortune for most of the signs, remember that the horse vibe is filled with freedom and independence. It is a good year to be productive and adventurous. For the first half of the year, expect more blessings to flow. If you are under the lucky signs, you might meet new people who will broaden your network for business and pump up your career.

The year is especially good for people born under the signs of pig, dog, tiger, rooster, monkey, goat, snake, rabbit and ox. It is better to shift the flow of the energy for those born under the sign of rat, dragon and, ironically, horse. Though it may not turn out any better for the latter signs, focusing on the positive energy flow will keep things in good shape for everyone. Just keep yourself attuned with the kindness generated by the energetic horse.

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