How to survive Valentine’s Day without a date


“valentine’s day” for singles | by ilovebutter via Creative Commons

Let this month of love be your month too, even though you are … single. You may not have someone beside you to celebrate Valentine’s Day but grab this chance to do the things that you love. After all, Valentine’s Day was originally not associated with romantic love until the 14th century, so don’t get upset.

Here are some ways that keep singles like you occupied while couples around are busy with their dinner date.

  1. Are you employed? Allow extra time on your work. If you think your co-workers have dates, volunteer to do the work for them so they could meet their loved one on time. If you think working all day will make you feel more upset, then why not ask other singles around to celebrate the day with a glass of beer or wine?
  2. Are you a student? Instead of doing the usual routine, plan a school activity that will snob the Valentine’s Day atmosphere like practicing or training yourself in the sports you are involved with. You may invite all your friends who are also singles to go out and have fun if sports is not your thing.
  3. Have you just recently broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It may not be a good idea to call your now old flame to have a date with you. Try to give each other spaces to heal those wounds. Either spend your time with your family or go out with your friends. Most importantly, stop stalking your former flame’s social network profiles. However, if you feel there is still a chance to get back together, go ahead and try to rekindle the love.

To all singles out there, Valentine’s Day is not a day to feel bitter and to be a hater. Remember, it is just a one-day event!

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