Is it Knit or Crochet?


knitting and crocheting “knit scarves” | by kelly.sikkema via Creative Commons

Some think that knitting and crocheting are only the same because both crafts use yarns or wools to produce a fabric or products like clothes, bags, and toys. The process and tools are different for the two techniques of interconnecting loops.

Beginners of either crafts should have to be familiar in the knitting and crocheting tools and the types of stitches to begin with their projects. They also have to know the differences between knitting and crocheting to know which one appeals most to them, or most comfortable to use.

Differences between knitting and crocheting

knitting and crocheting “crochet hooks” | by bbcjk.king via Creative Commons

In crocheting, one uses one hook at a time when working on the row. Crochet hooks can be small or large depending on the sizes, which are usually between 0.08 in (2.0 mm) to 0.39 in (10.0 mm) in diameter for aluminum hooks.  US crochet hook sizes label different from UK/Canadian crochet hooks, so it is better to get familiar with the conversion chart before purchasing any hooks. This tool can be made of steel, bamboo, plastic, wood, or bone.

knitting and crocheting “knit needles” | by elitatt via Creative Commons

Knitting needles are the tools when creating fabric out of yarns and wools with knitting craft. There are two kinds of needles: circular pointy needles and double-pointed knitting needles. Circular pointy needles come in sets of two, while the double pointed ones are in sets of four or five. Knitting can be done either by hand or by machine, unlike in crochet, one has to use the skill of hands.

In structure, multiple active loops are the foundation in working around knitting projects while one or a few ones in crocheting.

Which is easy between the two crafts?

Although they are different, it does not mean one is easier than the other one. This is basically up to the one who wants to do a project made out of yarns. The way to find out which craft is better and easier is to try both techniques. The more comfortable the hands are in creating loops, pulling the yarns in, and doing the stitches means the faster way to finish the project.

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