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This coming January 31 marks the start of the year of the horse in Chinese calendar. While we don’t have to celebrate Chinese New Year, we still fond of knowing the good and bad lucks associated with our birth year. However, we should take note that all the predictions can happen or not at all. So, let’s just enjoy reading and knowing what astrology brings to our life this year.

For those who were born in the year of the Rat, this year will be challenging for you if the virtue of patience will not dominate your being ill-tempered be it on career or other areas of your life. There are many opportunities that will your way but fast enough to decide and to act to achieve success. It is all about self-control and patience for people with this animal zodiac sign.

While this year favors people born in the Ox year, they still have to pay attention to their wealth and career, and love. People with this animal zodiac sign will focus on energy, so make sure to take a break some time. In love, this may be a difficult year for single to find someone and for those who are in a relationship, trust and openness will be issues. However, as what mentioned above, take control of your love life even though this year predicts a difficult year for relationship for Ox people.

It seems an ups-and-downs drama on wealth and career of Tiger people. Stability may be crucial but then success is always within reach. Their love life as well may be rocky sometimes but with extra care, things will run smoothly.

Rabbit people may find success and stability in their career and this year, too, is the time for them to shine in their chosen field. It is also said that this year of the Horse is best time for people under the Rabbit sign to enter to contest or to apply for grants. It is time to engage to social activity for Rabbit people who are single as they may find their love of their life in this type of gathering.

It may not be a good for Dragon people, but they can turn the table by being independent and calm. Working too hard for this year may trigger health issues which could lead to spending much for medications. This makes a challenging for those who were born under this sign.

It is harvest time for Snake people after sowing seeds last year. If 2013 was not good for you despite working hard, this year will bring results to your diligence. This year, too, brings them into sweeter and deeper relationship. This seems to be a really good year for people born in year of the Snake.

Apart for competition, people born in the year of the Horse find luck in career and wealth. However, they have to patient and to know the good timing as they progress on their career. People born under this sign who are still single will meet new people along their journey.

Change seems best describe the year of Goat people for 2014. With their being versatile, they can adapt easily to these changes to recover from setbacks. In love, it is said that they enjoy the moments without big challenges in the relationship.

The predictions for people born in the year of the Monkey are either too good or too bad. It is said that 2014 will be stressful and exhausting for them, so they have to put extra care and attention to their health and emotions. Being controlled by emotions can lead to problems both in career and relationships.

A balance and excellent year for Rooster people this year of the Horse. Energy, success, and prosperity seem to run their way in all areas of life. Way to go, Rooster!

While each animal zodiac sign will experience good and bad lucks this year, Dog will be more of the limelight for this good and bad energies. However, this will be the year for them to meet new people mostly in social gatherings.

Attraction defines this year for Dog people in career, wealth, and love. However, they should know how to take care of the energy of attraction to avoid stress.

Again, take control of your life and learn from experiences in spite of and despite what the year of Horse will bring to us.

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