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Just because you’re planning a small wedding, doesn’t mean you’re going to have an easier time getting all the necessarily preparations done. Now that you’re engaged, the fun begins with planning and strategizing for your small but intimately sweet wedding. To kick this off, get your closest friends together and start brainstorming for ideas. Here are some things to consider in aligning your wedding preferences with your budget.

Guests – start with your guests. A small wedding is small because it is determined by the number of guests. Ideally, 50 guests would be sufficient for a head count, however, it will still be up to you if you want to strictly narrow it down to immediate family members and best friends only. For the entourage, you could stray from tradition and have only a Maid of Honor and a Best Man. If you have a few attendants, you can ask a few of them to help with manning guest and table posts.

Venue – if you’re working on a budget, you can hold your wedding in a small church or wedding venue or in your very own backyard or garage. By choosing the latter, you can hold two parts (ceremony and reception) both in one place. What will make it aesthetically appealing is how you will decorate it. Instead of spending too much on flowers, try using more candles and lights to bring your wedding to life. Ask your siblings or friends for help in preparing the giveaways, table and ceiling decorations, etc. While you are all at it, you get spend some nice quality time bonding over past stories and experiences. This will help you relax and keep you from pre-wedding jitters.


Appetizers – keep it simple by providing your own appetizers and by making the event a self-service one. You won’t need to hire servers and guests will have the chance to mingle more while getting rounds.

Alcoholic beverages – If you’re open about rocking out a party during your reception, ask your friends to bring their own booze (BYOB). This allows for a better selection of alcohol and you can even ask one of your friends to play bartender.

Meal – unless you have a resident chef (aka mom who’s a kitchen genius), you can’t avoid but use a caterer. Choose one that’s recommended by a friend or someone who’s had a good deal with one. Some guests might be traveling from far places and you’d want to give them a delightful, gastronomic experience after hours of being on the road. If you have the time and resources to prepare your own food, make sure you plan the dishes ahead of time and assign them accordingly.

Cake and Desserts – we always know one or two people who can bake. Get that family member or friend to make your desserts. It is the cupcake decade and you can come up with dozens of ideas for your wedding cake and use cupcakes instead. Or, if you really want that cake, you can design it with your baker and give it a personal touch. People are not that particular with desserts and they would munch on anything that’s sweet after a hearty meal anyway, but do make sure that your desserts look attractive and enticing enough to try.

If you want to save a bundle more, you can always opt for take-out food. It’s your wedding and you don’t have to follow the rules. As long as you’re happy with how things go and your guests don’t go home hungry, then you can scrimp without having to feel regretful. In the end, what counts is that your vows stay with you and your special someone as long and as faithful as promised.


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