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New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time for change, a time for new beginnings, of starting anew. Most people always clock in hours at their desks trying to come up with New Year’s resolutions – losing weight, falling in love, conquering a fear, etc. The problem is, though, these changes we wish to make are either too broad to fully wrap our heads into, or are set too high up that it almost seems impossible to achieve.

If you’re tired of making and breaking the same resolution over and over again for the past years, why not set a goal for the year, instead? Like mindfully choosing to make 2014 a year of positivity? Experts say happiness is a choice we make, that by simply deciding to be happy, you can adopt a more positive life. So choose to be happy. We got these positivity tips you can practice for the entire year:

Say thank you. Research has proven that the power of gratitude is strong enough to battle physical and psychological ailments. So send a thank you note to a loved one, a friend, or a co-worker. It doesn’t have to read like a novella, though. Make it short, sweet, and simple.

Go outside. Be one with the world. Experience the magic of nature. Just stepping out of the house for a few hours can do wonders in relieving stress and lifting your mood.

Spend time with kids. Take a personal day off from work to pick your kid up from school. Offer to babysit your niece or nephew. Little kids surprisingly have the best perspectives in life. Get ready to be amazed by the profound knowledge you can get from these little tykes.

Unplug. Every once in a while, digitally disconnect. You don’t need that much Facebook in your life. Stop wasting time ooh-ing and ahh-ing on those cat memes. Fill your hours creating something offline. Meet friends. Read a book. Write letters.

Dance. Sing. Let go. Let the music find you and guide you. Groove to the rhythm of your two left feet or scream out the lyrics to your favorite tunes with the windows down. Instant pick-me-up.

Find the quiet. Be okay spending time with yourself. Meditate. Absorb the silence and connect more with yourself. Apart from promoting positivity and happiness, meditating also helps lower your blood pressure. Score.

De-clutter. Sometimes, you just need to tidy up your space. Clean your room. Organize your files. Revamp the living room. Arrange your clothes. Having a cleaner place helps in boosting your mood and creates a more inviting environment for ideas to pour in.

Be the best version of yourself by being the happiest version of yourself. Decide to be happy. Embrace the positivity of the New Year. Cheers!

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